Bioenergy, Hydropower

Missouri Governor Signs Legislation to Use Renewable Energy

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed legislation to increase the use of renewable energy from sources such as wind, hydroelectricity, solar power, hydrogen, and biomass.

Senate Bill 54, sponsored by Sen. Chris Koster, creates renewable energy targets for utilities. The legislation sets targets for utilities to meet a 4% renewable energy target by 2012, 8% by 2015 and 11% by 2020.

The legislation also requires the Office of Administration to ensure that at least 70% of the new vehicles purchased for the state fleet are flex fuel and allows municipal landfills to accept yard waste in order to create bioreactors to produce methane gas.

“This legislation furthers my commitment to Missouri’s Green Power Initiative by increasing energy production in our state while practicing responsible environmental stewardship by increasing the use of renewable energy,” Gov. Blunt said.

Previously, the governor has signed alternative fuel legislation for Missouri requiring that gasoline sold in Missouri be blended with 10 percent ethanol by 2008.