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Is There a Reliable Source for Renewable Energy Information?

As a non-professional investor, I want legitimate and honest up-to-date info on today’s renewable energy world. There are many companies making claims just to get your attention; it’s so hard to find honest sites for legitimate information. What do you suggest? –Thomas F., NY, NY

Unfortunately there is no magic website or font of information — but rather collecting information from a varied set of organizations, media and sources and filtering that information as carefully as possible is the only way to go. is one of the best to give you the ‘lay of the land’. I would also go to the websites of the particular national trade association and to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. If the company belongs to a national trade group, receives R&D awards from the federal or state government, and gets in the energy trade press, it shows they are paying dues, meeting government funding requirements and have some media outreach. Obviously annual sales figures and company’s with products that meet technical certifications such as ‘UL’ or ‘SRCC’ — are both important indicators as well. You might want to engage a clean energy investment group, since they carry out due diligence on companies for their investors. The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. and Clean Edge, Inc. have launched the NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Index; NASDAQ began disseminating the index on May 18. The Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG), LLC, launched the Distributed Energy Stock Index (DESI) in July 2005. The DEFG releases the publication of the DESI Quarterly Reports. For more information, you can also see related trade press on