More Investment Needed for Cellulosic Ethanol

Lack of investment in cellulosic ethanol is causing major project delays and industry stagnation, according to a business leader in the ethanol industry.

“We’re ready to go now. However, the financial markets are not ready. Consequently, we need the backing of the U.S. government to bridge the technology gap,” said Arnold Klann, President and CEO of BlueFire Ethanol, Inc., in an interview on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast. Klann said that the financial community has not been willing to take the risks needed to invest in new technologies and large projects. “You have technologies that are ready to go into the ground today if this risk gap could be filled,” he said. Last Friday, Klann and other representatives for the ethanol industry briefed Congress on the need for more federal support for cellulosic ethanol. Want to learn more about the status and future outlook for cellulosic ethanol? Check out the Inside Renewable Energy Podcast. Also in the program: A vertical axis wind turbine for harvesting city wind.