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Hoopa Tribe Gets $103,000 for River Hydropower Study

California [The Eureka Reporter] The Hoopa Valley Tribe is getting a $103,000 boost from the U.S. Department of Energy to study the feasibility of harnessing water power from Trinity River tributaries to generate electricity. … The feasibility study will assess the capability of a number of small, on-site hydroelectric systems. It will also identify issues related to construction and ongoing operations, including potential impacts on stream flow, natural resources, endangered species and the community. … The tribe will contribute nearly $17,000, much of it in in-kind goods and services, bringing the total funding allocated for the study to more than $120,000. The award was one of 11 given to Native American tribes for renewable energy projects. A total of $1.5 million was handed out for wind, water, solar, biomass and hybrid project studies and implementation. The Hoopa Valley Tribe received the fifth largest award nationally.