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BTU Receives $1.4 M Order for Solar Cell Production Equipment

BTU International announced the receipt of orders totaling $1.4 million for its solar cell diffusion and anti-reflective coating systems. Recent orders reflect renewed interest in BTU’s anti-reflective coating technology.

BTU’s quartz muffle diffusion furnaces are said to offer a unique design to address high-volume solar cell production needs with precision temperature and atmosphere control. “These orders continue to show strength in the photovoltaic market with requirements for continuous in-line production solutions,” said Paul van der Wansem, chairman and CEO of BTU International. BTU International, a supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing and energy generation markets, manufactures reflow furnaces for printed circuit board assembly as well as wafer bumping and wafer-level packaging equipment for the semiconductor packaging market. BTU also provides thermal process solutions for the solar cell, fuel cell and nuclear fuel industries.