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Wind Power Project Slated for Chinese Mainland

CLP Power Asia has concluded commercial arrangements for a wind power project of 19.5 MW at Weihai on the coast of Shandong Province. It is the second wind project of CLP in the Chinese mainland, after the 27 MW wind farm at Changdao, also in Shandong, committed in December last year.

CLP Power Asia partnered with a wholly owned subsidiary of China Huaneng Group to develop the first phase of 19.5 MW of Weihai wind farm, which is targeted for commissioning in 2006. Weihai wind farm is expected to have about 150 MW generation capacity eventually. The wind farm at Changdao is also targeted for commissioning in 2006. “We are delivering on our commitment to develop renewable energy,” said Richard McIndoe, Managing Director of CLP Power Asia. “Besides Changdao and Weihai wind power projects in Shangdong, we are also conducting wind monitoring at various sites in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan Island, representing approximately 300 MW of development potential. Further, we are working on feasibility studies for wind farm sites in Australia. All these activities demonstrate CLP’s determination to play its part in the collective effort needed to address the issue of climate change.” In addition to the Changdao and Weihai wind power projects in Shandong Province, CLP also holds a share in hydroelectric power plants of 98 MW in total in Huaiji, Guangdong. These investments are in line with CLP’s commitment made in the Manifesto on Air Quality and Climate Change published last December, in which CLP pledges to develop generating capacity from renewable energy sources, which would represent approximately 5 percent of the Group’s total generating capacity by 2010.