Arkansas Eastman Begins Biodiesel Production

Using its existing manufacturing facilities, Eastman Chemical Company’s Arkansas Operations is now producing biodiesel fuel using supplies that are plentiful in the region.

“Having existing chemical manufacturing facilities already available helped provide us quick entry into biodiesel production. We are using soybean oil as our primary feedstock for producing biodiesel, but we also plan to have capabilities for using recycled waste vegetable oil before the end of the year,” said Randy Powell, Vice President & General Manager, Arkansas Operations. Powell also indicated that Eastman plans to market biodiesel to petroleum distributors and blenders around the state. “Since this product is made in Arkansas, primarily from Arkansas based raw materials, we believe the product will be attractive to agricultural, trucking, and other users of diesel fuel in the state.” “Biodiesel is a renewable fuel produced from Arkansas crops — mostly soybeans — which supports our state’s agri-economy and reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. It is also a cleaner burning fuel with fewer environmental emissions when compared to conventional diesel,” said Powell, citing biodiesel’s advantages.