Acquisition to Allow a Doubling of Solar Production

[] Germany’s Solar-Fabrik AG has purchased silicon wafer trader Global Expertise Wafer Division Ltd. (GEWD). By purchasing the Malaysian company, Solar-Fabrik AG has secured a supply of solar PV wafers exceeding 30 MW for 2006, allowing the company to double its production of solar modules. GEWD sells high-quality solar wafers manufactured from “reject wafers” from the semiconductor industry. Solar-Fabrik says recycling wafers in this manner not only makes environmental sense, but also taps additional resources in a booming global wafer market. The global boom in the PV market has made wafer resources a scarce commodity creating bottlenecks in the supply of solar cells and modules. As a result, in the past few months Solar-Fabrik said they were not always able to run at full production capacity even though its orders were at capacity.