Solar Cell Substrates on NYSTAR Award List

Technology funding programs created to help spur industrial growth in a state are including renewable energy research and development in almost every round of awards. New York State Gov. George Pataki announced the latest $2.7 million in state awards to universities, and New York State University at Albany received $750,000 to partner with Daystar Technologies and develop an optimized substrate template for CIGS solar cell applications.

Seven universities were awarded funding this round through the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR) Technology Transfer Incentive Program (TTIP). Cornell University received $300,000 to partner with Novomer to create custom biodegradable polymers from renewable resources. “New York State has become one of the world’s most attractive locations for technology-driven businesses,” Gov. Pataki said. “By setting up a process to transfer these cutting-edge technologies from an academic setting to the business world, we will spark the creation of even more high-tech companies, jobs and products.” Awards through NYSTAR are designed to promote, encourage and facilitate economic development in New York through university-based or corporate-sponsored research, which assists companies within the State to commercialize high technology products and bring them to the marketplace. Gov. Pataki and the Legislature have advanced several major initiatives to expand high technology and biotechnology business and job-creation opportunities in New York. The Governor’s Centers of Excellence initiative, along with Strategically Targeted Academic Research (STAR) Centers and Advanced Research Centers (ARCs), focus on critical emerging technologies that are expected to become major high-tech growth areas. Since 1995, the State has fostered the growth of New York’s high-tech and biotech industries by supporting the investment of more than $1 billion in the State’s technology business sector, research laboratories and academic centers. “Our colleges and universities do an outstanding job and have kept New York State on the cutting edge of technology and innovation,” said Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno. “And now they will have the resources to transfer these innovations to the business world, creating new jobs and further improving our economy throughout the state.”