Solar, Wind Power

Northern Power Provides Off-grid Pipeline Power

Society may never fully kick the fossil fuel addiction, but in the meantime, renewable energy technologies can greatly benefit the many off-grid, remote oil and gas projects.

In a recent example, Northern Power Systems was selected to provide integrated power systems for two major projects along a pipeline on Sakhalin Island located in the Russian Far East. Northern’s remote power solutions often involve sole or combined applications of solar photovoltaic power, wind power, fuel cell units and generators. Under the terms of two separate contracts valued at approximately US$ 5 million in total, Northern will provide its field-proven GridTie and TeleCycle systems at several locations onshore along the pipeline and offshore on the platforms. The six GridTie systems are designed to ensure that uninterrupted power is always available at grid-connected sites for critical communications, including public address and alarm (PAA) systems. These systems will provide power conditioning for sensitive telecom equipment, along with up to 48 hours of back-up power in the event of a failure of the main power source for critical loads ranging from two to 20 kW. At the same time, Northern’s system design meets stringent seismic criteria in a relatively small footprint, providing reliable, uninterrupted power to a complex distribution scenario. Well suited to pipeline applications, the nine TeleCycle systems will provide power at remote sites for critical loads such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), telecommunications, cathodic protection and main line block valve actuation. Northern’s solution provides a turnkey system with limited on-site assembly requirements, exceptional power scalability when compared to competitive solutions, high system security due to enclosure of all system components, and high seismic stability. “The value of having a quality, reliable power supply in oil and gas projects cannot be underestimated,” said Michael Brennan, Vice President of Industrial Infrastructure for Northern Power Systems. “Northern Power System’s proven expertise in designing thoroughly dependable remote power systems will ensure high quality communications and critical load power for the various applications along the pipeline on Sakhalin Island.” Northern was selected for this project due to system designs that are both efficient and scalable to handle increased loads, which result in improved life cycle costs. In addition, Northern had proven experience with large-scale oil and gas projects such as the CPC pipeline in Russia (113 Grid-Tie systems) and the Azerbaijan portion of the AGT pipeline (37 TeleCycle systems). All systems will be built and tested at Northern’s new manufacturing facility in Barre, Vermont. “These projects are another example of how Northern Power Systems designs and delivers systems that provide reliable power to distributed points of use.” said Walter Schroeder, president of Distributed Energy Systems Corp, Northern’s Parent Company. “Distributed power technologies are being called upon to meet a growing array of critical power needs worldwide, and Northern is at the forefront of practical deployment of those technologies.”