City Hall Switches on Solar Photovoltaic System

The City Hall in Livermore now boasts a 74 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system, the first part of the city’s pilot project to harness solar energy.

Renewable Technologies, of Sutter Creek, California provided consulting, design, project management and quality assurance services for the city’s project. The solar energy system is comprised of 440 solar PV modules plus inverters that will generate an estimated 120,000 kWh a year toward the city hall’s energy needs. The rooftop system also insulates the building, helping to reduce cooling costs. The solar array generates the most electricity during the afternoon when there is the highest peak demand. “It’s a significant addition to City Hall, and a strong statement that the City of Livermore supports the use of renewable energy,” said Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena. The solar system has an expected lifetime of more than 30 years and over the life of the system will improve valley air quality by preventing 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. “The City of Livermore is stepping up to the challenge to solarize California and improve the local environment for all city residents by raising air quality and reducing the burden on the existing utility grid,” said Darryl Conklin, President and CEO of Renewable Technologies, Inc. As with many other similarly-sized projects, the city of Livermore is on track to receive a substantial rebate from PG&E’s Self-Generation Incentive Program, which will lower the total cost of the solar system by 30 percent. “This solar rebate through the Self-Generation Incentive Program represents one of the many ways in which PG&E helps provide customers with valuable energy services to manage their energy costs,” said Bev Alexander, vice president of customer satisfaction for PG&E.