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Contract to Modernize Swiss Hydro Plant

August 6, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] VA Tech Hydro, a subsidiary of the listed company VA Technologie AG, has won the contract to modernize the electro-mechanical equipment at the Kýblis power plant in Switzerland. The project was commissioned by Rýtia Energie AG, a long-standing customer of the Austrian power generating company, who is engaged in the international and national trading and in the production of electric power. The 9 million euro project is the first time that VA Tech Hydro has completely modernized the electro-mechanical equipment of a major power plant in Switzerland and encompasses the delivery, installation and commissioning of two horizontal twin Pelton turbines, two synchronous generators, four spherical valves and a distribution penstock to replace the six existing machine units. Modernizing the electro-mechanical equipment will allow an average annual energy production of 175 GWh without affecting the power station’s external appearance. This production is rational from both an ecological and economic perspective and will meet the power needs of approximately 40,000 households from the beginning of 2006.