Project Highlights New Solar PV Mounting

In addition to adding another substantial boost of clean, renewable energy to the electrical grid, a new project in California is also the first major demonstration project for a new player in the solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting market.

Richmond, California – April 16, 2004 [] Lanny & Forrest Rhoads, President and General Manager of Container Storage Inc. (CSI) in Richmond, joined John Eastwood of Eastwood Energy Corporation in mid-February to dedicate a new 142 kW solar electric system at the company’s site, which provides administrative and production space to small companies. CSI is using the system’s on-site generating capability to reduce its cost of electricity. CSI’s solar electric system is the largest PV installation to date in Richmond and will reduce demand on California’s power grid. The system was designed and supplied by Eastwood Energy Corporation. The 142-kW system covers over 12,000 square feet of roof space and is comprised of 864 Sharp 165 watt modules mounted on Eastwood Energy’s proprietary Module Mounting System (MMS). Eastwood designed its mounting system for maximum strength with minimum weight, ease of installation, and long life. At a tilt angle of 5 degrees the solar modules have a greater exposure toward the sun and as a result an increased output. The MMS also allows free circulation of air to keep the modules cool and provides convenient access for cleaning and roof maintenance. Mounting systems usually account for less than 10 percent of a typical PV project’s total cost. In large project however, costing many thousands of dollars, the costs of mounting alone can add up quickly. More importantly, mounting systems can also dramatically affect a system’s performance, thereby paying for itself in another way. CSI’s new 141 kW solar PV array featuring Easwood Energy’s new solar mounting system. “Through the success of this project Eastwood Energy took a giant leap this past year,” said John Eastwood, CEO of Eastwood Energy. “This is the first major installation of our Module Mounting System. We believe that the secret to the wide scale adoption of solar energy lies in the cost effective deployment of modules on a mounting system that simplifies installation and maximizes electricity production over the long term.” Eastwood Energy arranged project financing, system installation and interconnection with PG&E, and facilitated the Self Generation Incentive Program payment process that funded 50% of the project cost. Altair Energy supplied hardware and construction financing.