STUDY: Ethanol Absolved from Gas Price Hikes

April 1, 2004 [] Gasoline prices are setting records each day, and consumers want to know why. A new study from the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), the main industry association representing the bio-based Ethanol industry, purports to have some answers. The “2004 Gas Price Increases: An Analysis,” identifies record low gasoline stocks and higher crude oil prices as the major factors underlying high gasoline prices across the country. While some have tried to place blame on cleaner-burning gasoline, this study demonstrates that the factors behind recent gas price increase cut across all types of fuel and all geographic areas. There will be a press briefing on the new study at 1:00 pm ET this afternoon at the RFA’s office at One Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 820 (corner of North Capitol and Mass. Ave). For more information see the link below.