Arizona Calls for More Renewable Energy

February 16, 2004 [] The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), the State’s regulatory agency for investor-owned and cooperative utilities, approved an increase this week in the Environmental Portfolio Standard percentage to 1.1% of retail electricity sales by 2007. The Environmental Portfolio Standard (EPS) requires utilities to generate a percentage of their retail energy sales through solar and other renewable energy resources, 60% of which must come from solar-electric sources. The vote this week was held to determine whether the ACC should continue increases up to the 1.1% level or maintain the EPS at the current 0.8% level with the opportunity to continue increases at a later date. As part of the continuation, the ACC also ordered a series of workshops be held to address the following issues: EPS funding levels, Elimination of the EPS expiration date, Restoration of DSM funding, Allocation of funding among various technologies. The first workshop is to be held at the ACC on March 5th, 2004 from 9 AM to 5PM.