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RWE Schott Solar Focuses on Building the Market

RWE Schott Solar (RSS), a manufacturer and distributor of solar electric modules and systems, has completed the restructuring and consolidation efforts resulting from the December 2002 merger of RWE and Schott Applied Power Corporation (SAPC).

Rocklin, California – December 8, 2003 [] Now, with sales and marketing efforts fully aligned with manufacturing capabilities, RSS is focusing its efforts on developing a network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and dealers to help build and service the rapidly growing market for residential and commercial grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems. The company is focusing its sales and marketing, manufacturing, engineering and design to help its network of channel partners with sales support and installation techniques at whatever level they need, opening opportunities for them to expand or add new PV products and installation work to their existing offerings. RSS states that the combination of its manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts with the sales, marketing, and systems integration operation in Rocklin, California, lends itself naturally to a more focused market approach for the company. With the solar module, the ASE 300, RSS will offer a complete line of packaged residential and commercial on-grid systems to its channel partners, including its freestanding SunRoof FS rooftop systems for flat-roof commercial buildings. RSS will also provide custom-designed commercial and industrial power systems, as well as key system components, targeted primarily at the on-grid market. In keeping with its market building strategy for grid-tied systems, earlier this fall, RSS closed its Willits, California office, which primarily marketed small systems to off-grid rural customers in Northern California. In addition, RSS is no longer targeting the small, industrial off-grid market formerly served by its Modular Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Supply (MAPPS) operations. RSS MAPPS customers will now receive service and support through SPS Energy Solutions, (SPS Energy), a Canadian-based PV distributor, system designer and integrator that recently purchased the MAPPS business. SPS has offices in California and Washington State, which service industrial customers. RSS will continue to service the market for large, custom-engineered off-grid systems where its engineering and design expertise is required. “The acquisition of the RSS MAPPS business is truly a win-win for both companies and for our customers,” said SPS Energy President Dave Egles. “Focusing the business on the grid-tied PV market is a good strategy and business decision by RSS. By making the MAPPS business available to us, RSS can assure that their existing customers will continue to receive the highest caliber of support and service, while at the same time, we will be able to grow our own off-grid market opportunities using this newly acquired technology and products.” With the integration of the two companies now complete and the focused market strategy now set, Tom Starrs, executive vice president of marketing and sales and former president of SAPC, has returned to his consulting work where he focused on design, analysis and implementation of legal and regulatory incentives for the development of distributed generation technologies. “RSS is the result of a series of mergers and acquisitions over the last thirty-plus years, where the common denominator has always been solar energy. Through a lot of team effort and focus, we’ve been able to combine similar and diverse sets of technologies and staff into an extremely strong business,” said Ralf Peters, chief executive officer for RSS. “A couple of years ago, we also had the good fortune to convince one of our outside board members, Tom Starrs, to join us in a management role and help oversee the business and personnel issues that helped create SAPC and ultimately RSS. Tom has accomplished his mission well and his contribution to RSS has been huge, both in helping to shape and streamline our company and in helping us develop our focused marketing strategy.”