Project Development, Wind Power

Renewable Energy Funding Opportunity

September 18, 2003 [] The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, MTC has recently released a new solicitation for their Pre-Development Financing Initiative. This Initiative offers US$2,000,000 in the form of grants and loans in an effort to support the development of grid-connected, renewable energy Generating Facilities of 500 kW or greater in New England. Under this Solicitation, loans for pre-development activities are available to eligible applicants awarded funding and grants are available to public instrumentalities awarded funds for feasibility studies. Feasibility study funding is limited to $50,000 per project. Pre-development funding is limited to $250,000 for wind projects and $150,000 for all other projects. The Solicitation has been posted on the MTC’s website and they will begin to receive applications starting October 10, 2003. The address of the solicitation and its associated attachments can be found at the link below.