Fronius Dials In New Software

Austria-based Fronius, which recently entered the U.S. solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter market, is offering updated software for their inverters, which offer customers or system installer/operators a variety of new interface options including the ability for an inverter to send text messages directly to a mobile phone.

Brighton, Michigan – September 11, 2003 [] According to Fronius, version 3.0 of FRONIUS IG.access software is more user-friendly and offers more information for the owner of a PV system than former editions. This version enables the user to view real-time data and define operating parameters of the inverter. With the feature “SMS-sending” you can get a text message on your mobile phone in case of a service code’s appearance. With the new software, it is now possible to view the menu items “Now”, “Day”, “Year” and “Total” directly on a personal computer (PC) or laptop. One can now also view the state of a fronius inverter and address service codes via the updated software. In order to give a quick performance review of all Fronius inverters in the PV system, the software also offers a comparison mode to evaluate the output of each inverter. This view shows the actual output of the inverters via a bar chart. By the use of different colours it is also possible to detect deviations from the average power (green = OK, red = potential issues). In the overall-view you get an overview of cumulative values for the whole system and also for sensor values (irradiance, module temperature, ambient temperature). With the set up menu in Version 3.0, the inverter’s settings can be altered via a PC. This feature could be particularly useful to owners or operators of large PV systems as it can save overall set up time. The datalogger sends one text message per day at a maximum. This cumulative text messaging includes any notices from the past 24 hours. Users have the option to receive this text message at the time of their choosing. These can be in the case of a service-related error or simply any error. There are 4 main reasons for the datalogger to send a text message: 1.) Permanent (service-related) errors – these are service codes that require attention. 2.) Temporary (transient) errors – these are service codes that appear temporarily (e.g., due to variations in the grid). 3.) Low Output – when the inverter has not fed in the grid for more than 24 hours. 4.) Lack of Communication – The inverter has not communicated with the LocalNet for more than 24 hours because of missing DC-supply. Additionally, the datalogger sends a text message if the LocalNet ring is interrupted for more than 24 hours. This can provide a warning for the installer: the system may be encountering difficulties, leading to the communication issues. Th software also offers an administrator password that ensures that only those knowing the password can change the set ups and parameters of the system, regardless of whether someone attempts to access the system directly or via modem.