Energy Agency Launches Policy Web Sites

May 15, 2003 [] The International Energy Agency launched two policy information Websites. The “Dealing with Climate Change” Website features data on energy-related policies and measures taken or planned by the IEA’s 26 Member countries, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It contains more than 800 records collected between 1999 and 2002. The second Website, “Renewable Energy Policies and Measures in IEA Countries,” contains detailed references to some 160 pieces of legislation designed to encourage the development and market uptake of renewable energy sources. The websites provide zero-cost, user-friendly access to the databases. Visitors can search for information according to country, policy type, technology, sector, year of implementation and other criteria. These new interactive services are intended to complement the policy analysis work carried out by the IEA on climate change mitigation and renewable energy markets. They are part of the IEA effort to provide support for decision-makers, policy experts, researchers and scholars, as well as to provide practical information to the business community and the broader public.