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Biofuel Plant Expands

As Renewable Energy starts to play a bigger role in US energy production, biofuel companies are expanding to meet anticipated market demands.

San Diego, California – November 20, 2002 [] Green Star Products announced that its affiliate company, American Bio-Fuels (ABF), which is 35 percent owned by GSPI, has signed a joint venture to move and expand its biofuel plant. ABF signed a joint venture with Hondo Chemical which currently manufactures organic fertilizers at a facility in Bakersfield, California. ABF is currently moving its existing 2.5 million gallon per year biofuel production facility from Adelanto, California to its new home at Bakersfield. The Hondo opportunity offers room for vast expansion and the existing facility could easily support in excess of 50 million gallons per year biofuel production. Initially the joint venture is planning to expand the plant to 15 million gallons per year as the market develops in Central California. ABF is a member of the National Biodiesel Board and currently has the only continuous flow production biofuel plant in the United States. ABF has three different biofuel blends registered with the EPA that will be sold under the Green Star trademark label. Biofuel production from the Hondo facility is planned to begin in early February 2003. According to the company, the ABF plant is a patent pending production plant, which reduces plant footprint up to 70 percent; reduces maintenance and operations costs; reduces capital construction costs by up to 40 percent; and reduces time to complete construction by up to 60 percent. All of these factors significantly reduce the overall cost for producing ASTM grade biofuel, said Green Star Products.