California Utility Seeks More Renewable Energy

Southern California Edison (SCE) has issued a request to alternative energy providers for offers of additional electricity generation in order to increase its renewable portfolio by as much as 1 percent.

Rosemead, California – October 3, 2002 [] SCE currently purchases approximately 15 percent of its customers’ total annual energy needs from renewable resources, making it among the nation’s leaders in procuring renewable power, according to the company. “We are committed to expanding our leadership role in renewable procurement with the addition of alternate resources that best fit our customers’ needs,” said SCE President Bob Foster. “Meanwhile, we are working hard to resume our overall procurement responsibility for customers as soon as that is possible.” The California Legislature recently enacted legislation increasing utility use of Renewable Energy each year by 1 percent of their annual energy sales until they reach 20 percent. The legislation directs utilities to procure renewable generation at or below market prices with any above-market costs to be funded by the “public goods charge” on state-regulated utility bills. Renewable Energy providers representing nearly 2,000 MWh of capacity, over 15 times the amount being requested by SCE, have expressed interest in supplying power.