Tidal Power to Beat Gas in Remote Australia

Work on a US$75 million tidal power project has resumed again after an alternative plan to supply electricity to remote Western Australia fell through.

PERTH, Western Australia, AU, 2001-10-16 [SolarAccess.com] The federal government of Prime Minister John Howard will be asked to keep its promise of support for a tidal power project after the West Australia Treasurer confirmed that a Aus$500 million 18-year contract to build a gas-fired plant to supply electricity to the remote Kimberley region had fallen through. The West Australia government had claimed the gas-fired project was less risky but says contractors for the project failed to meet requirements. The collapse left the way clear for a tidal power proposal to be revived with $60 million in financial support from the federal government. But the state government says that, while it will spend $7.5 million on roadworks for the tidal power station, the federal government must be willing to invest money because, without it, tidal power would not be viable.