Augrid to Launch National Solar Project

The Nevada company, Augrid, is focusing its efforts to speed up its planned entry into the energy sector through a roll-out of Solar Fields nationwide. It reports that it is in advanced negotiations with a large manufacturer with the aim of boosting annual revenue to US$2.8 million.

CLEVELAND, Ohio, US, 2001-10-02 [] The company plans to produce pollution-free energy for large power providers, to help reduce skyrocketing energy rates at a time when the California energy crisis is indicative of a trend that is growing across the country. “We believe that our entry into this market can provide the nation with a viable solution,” says president and CEO M.J. Shaheed. “Our strategic initiatives involve dividing the country into four sectors and building logically.” He says the relationship with a major manufacturer can generate 1.2 MW per hour for large energy providers, allowing them to provide clean electricity to their customers. (September 25 release; contact Steven Weiss at 609-514-3681)