Wind Power

Wind Turbine Company to License its Technology

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd will use an energy broker to identify and develop relationships that will lead to the sale or license of the company’s wind turbine technology in Australia.

CALGARY, Alberta – Prebon Energy has offices in New York, London and Sydney, and is part of the Prebon group of companies. “Remote diesel installations are a large source of greenhouse gas emissions, and Sustainable Energy’s wind turbine technology is ideally suited to offset the emissions and fuel costs of these systems,” says Prebon’s David Griffin. The Australian Renewable Energy Act requires electricity producers to generate an extra 2 percent of power from renewable sources by 2010. Sustainable Energy received design certification for its 250 kW vertical axis wind turbine last April from Germanischer Lloyd of Germany, an international certification agency. This was the first Canadian wind turbine technology to be certified for international markets. “We feel that Prebon will identify and develop significant opportunities for us that will fund further development and commercialization of our wind turbine technology,” explains Michael Carten, Sustainable Energy’s president and CEO. “Engaging Prebon reinforces Sustainable Energy’s commitment to creating substantial shareholder value from our wind turbine technology.” Sustainable Energy Technologies is based in Calgary, and is also involved in the development and marketing of products for distributed generation markets around the world.