Siemens Solar Announces Higher-Power Solar Modules

CAMARILLO, Calif., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Siemens Solar Industries L.P. announces the production of a new, larger series of solar modules: the SP130 (130 Wp), SP140 (140 Wp) and SP150 (150 Wp) monocystalline solar modules. The new SP modules have been designed for use in grid-connected and large industrial installations. They offer the customer approximately 20-35 percent more power than the SM110, Siemens Solar’s previously highest-rated module. In addition to a reduced installation effort, this results in a reduction of 20-35 percent of the modules required to achieve an installation of comparable power. The new modules incorporate a rugged anodized aluminum frame designed for easy installation. One person can carry and install an SP150, whereas larger competing products normally require a crane for installation. The new solar modules have been designed with a 2:1 aspect ratio enhancing their modularity for easy integration and optimum use of the roof surface geometry. The modules can be mounted lengthwise or sideways on the roof and still appear as a single rectangular unit. The new SP130, SP140 and SP150 solar modules feature silicon solar cells employing Siemens Solar’s exclusive PowerMax(TM) technology and TOPS(TM) process. This results in maximum energy per day and enhanced output even in low light conditions. The superior performance combined with excellent long-term stability, ensure continuing high-energy output for the installation. Siemens Solar offers a 25-year warranty on power output for the new SP modules. The Siemens Solar Group consists of Siemens Solar GmbH in Munich, Germany, a joint venture of Siemens AG and E.ON Energie AG, Siemens Solar Industries L.P., Camarillo (CA), and joint ventures Siemens Showa Solar Ltd., Singapore and Showa Solar Energy KK, Tokyo. To date Siemens Solar has supplied solar cells worldwide with an output of almost 200 megawatts, making it a world leader in the photovoltaics industry. The company’s website is For sales information, contact [email protected] Press releases issued are available on our web site at: . Photograph of residential application available upon request. SOURCE Siemens Solar Industries L.P. CONTACT: Tina Nickerson of Siemens Solar Industries L.P., 805-388-6519, or [email protected]/