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Researchers Discover How To Site Wind Farms More Quickly, Cheaply

Larry Hardesty July 21, 2015 When a power company wants to build a new wind farm, it generally hires a consultant to make wind speed measurements at the proposed site for eight to 12 months. Those measurements are co...

Did You Hear That? Reducing Construction Noise at Offshore Wind Farms

Dr. Federica Pace July 21, 2015 Marine mammal monitoring and underwater noise mitigation is an integral part of the development of offshore wind farms, which, along with many other developments, generate underwater nois...
Wind turbine

Materials Are Blowing in the Wind

John Conti Ramsden, Director, Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry July 10, 2015 Wind energy is big business, and with 1,184 offshore turbines, the UK is a world leader. According to RenewableUK, wind energy’s contribution to UK energy needs has skyrocketed in less th...

Wheels, Towers and Trees: Unconventional Renewable Energy Technologies in the Pipeline

Andrew Williams, International Correspondent May 15, 2015 A number of companies around the world are developing novel technologies in an effort to grab a slice of the global renewable energy market.  Although many of these technologies are ...

Wind Energy Data: The (Scientific) Flight of the Falcon

Bill Scanlon, NREL April 23, 2015 A trained falcon named Houdini darts and soars next to a wind power plant in the shadow of the Colorado Rockies, gathering radar data that could someday save the lives of his avian brethren.

Carbon Nanoballs Can Transform the Renewable Energy Supply

Christian Müller, Chalmers University of Technology February 2, 2015 Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have discovered that the insulation plastic used in high-voltage cables can withstand a 26 per cent higher voltage if nanometer-sized carb...

New Software Modeling Tool a Boon for Wind Industry

Bill Scanlon, NREL October 17, 2014 Wind energy is blowing away skeptics — it's so close to achieving cost parity with fossil fuels that just a little extra efficiency is all that is likely needed to push it into the mainst...

Researchers Developing Supercomputer to Tackle Grid Challenges

Ernest Tucker, EERE July 7, 2014 "Big data" is playing an increasingly big role in the renewable energy industry and the transformation of the nation's electrical grid, and no single entity provides a better tool for suc...

Mapping the United States' Wind Turbines

Alex Demas, US Geological Survey February 11, 2014 Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors of renewable energy in the United States. About 3% of the total electricity in the United States was generated by wind turbines in 2012 ...

New Test Facility to Improve Wind Turbines

David Glickson, NREL January 7, 2014 Premature failures of mechanical systems have a significant impact on the cost of wind turbine operations and thus the total cost of wind energy. Recently, the Energy Department's Nationa...


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