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Spotlight on Energy and Utilities: Featuring Research from Gartner

Read this issue of Spotlight on Energy & Utilities from IBM featuring research from Gartner to learn how to tap into the massive amounts of data and information across your organization. By gaining insight into the power usage, assets, grids and customers you serve, and putting this informati...
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The future of energy and utilities: An IBM point of view

Read this white paper for insight into the trends and factors driving the future of energy and utilities, and the resulting implications for the industry. 

This WhitePaper brought to you by IBM.

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Making the Right Call – How the Wireless World can Cut Costs with Smart Energy Solutions

For wireless carriers, controlling energy and operating costs has always been a significant challenge. In both mature and developing markets, power consumption – and energy costs – are expected to rise with the staggering increase in mobile device use and the utilization of recently acquired and ...

Electrical Energy Storage to Make Wind and Solar PV Resources Disptatchable

The transitioning to a lower carbon emissions path in most regions of the world has driven significant investments in alternative renewable sources of electrical energy with particular focus on solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind technologies.  The typical argument against these technologies ar...

Characterize DUT Response to Power Disturbances

Engineers involved in the design, manufacture, or verification of any device that is subjected to power disturbances or creates power disturbances, need to understand the ramifications of those disturbances to ensure a reliable, high-quality product for your customers. Products such as inverters/...

How to go solar - A getting started guide for facility and building managers

Many organizations would like to go solar, especially now with solar panel prices falling and electricity rates expected to rise. But let’s face it. If energy is not your core competency, it’s difficult to know where to begin...

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Our Lithium-ion Batteries journal covers three key subjects that further demonstrate how UL is working to enhance the safety of this sustainable energy source...please download our report for more information!

New Science - Innovating Safety Standards for Energy-Efficient Lighting - Progressing Grid Interconnection Standards - Mitigating Emerging EV Battery Risks - Thermal Modeling of LED Lights

Rising costs, energy efficiency and environmental impact demand innovations in energy generation, distribution, management and usage. Our Sustainable Energy journal covers four subjects that demonstrate important ways UL’s team of dedicated scientists, engineers and researchers are developing New...

Enphase Microinverters and Ungrounded PV Arrays

Enphase has developed a new microinverter family that includes the M250 and new M215 with integrated (DC isolated) ground. Because the DC circuit is isolated and insulated from ground, these microinverters do not require a Grounding Electrode Conductor (GEC) connected between each microinverter. ...
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UltraBattery® - Benefits of a Breakthrough Storage Technology

Energy storage, installed within grids and mircrogrids, can enhance grid stability and fossil fuel efficiency. Storage also makes it possible to install a higher proportion of renewable energy into the grid, since the inherent fluctuations of such sources can be smoothed out: peaks can be stored ...
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Volume 18, Issue 4


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