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Optimizing Distribution Network Operations and Planning with ADMS

November 10, 2015

Join Scott Koehler, Schneider Electric’s Smart Grid IT Strategy VP, on November 10 to learn how utilities are realizing quantifiable benefits from ADMS by:

•    Improving grid reliability and resiliency
•    Increasing energy efficiency and power quality
•    Reducing cost of ownership and capital investments


On Demand

Successfully Integrating Solar: A Proactive Approach

September 29, 2015

•      What does the increasing solar penetration mean to you as a utility? …a developer?
•      What does the full spectrum of solar grid integration requirements look like?
•      How confident are you in your ability to integrate solar while avoiding problems?
•      What are the opportunities offered by distributed solar power?

Join DNV GL for a comprehensive look at all aspects of solar grid integration.
Gain an understanding of how it’s being done successfully today!

Successfully Achieving High Penetration
- Hosting capacity studies
- High penetration studies
- Mitigation and the path to higher penetrations
- Real-World examples from DNV GL
Integrated Planning: Single Studies Are Not Enough
- Integrated resource planning and approach for Solar
- How grid integration fits into the IRP process
- Real-World utilities examples from DNV GL
- DNV GL studies and software
Testing and Certification of Grid Code Compliance
- Benefit of certification
- Types of certification
- DNV GL Certification Standards
- Real-World Examples from DNV GL
Q&A – DNV GL answers your questions about integrating Solar


Improving Safety, Reducing Fuel Costs Through Effective Fleet Management

September 23, 2015

Effective fleet management helps to improve driver safety, reduce fuel spend, and improve efficiency while providing organizations the insights they need to improve performance. Fleet management includes time-tested solutions such as vehicle tracking that empowers businesses to see how their fleet is performing in real-world situations. During the webinar, sponsored by Verizon Networkfleet, we will cover the many benefits a telematics solution offers and how to select the right one for your business.


Doing Business in Europe – in partnership with GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council

September 21, 2015

There is now 128.8 GW of installed wind energy capacity in the EU (approximately 120.6 GW onshore and just over 8 GW offshore) and the future outlook is positive. European utilities are making a strategic shift towards renewables, the offshore market is booming with 26.4 GW of consented offshore projects in the pipeline, and the focus on efficiency and innovation is translating into new business opportunities for global wind energy companies.
However, some issues are creating uncertainty in Europe, such as changes to government policies, problems with grid integration, overcapacity, depressed wholesale prices and a weak carbon price signal.
The webcast will contextualise these issues and share best practice on how best to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the European wind energy landscape.


Doing Business in South Africa – in partnership with GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council

September 14, 2015

Wind Energy in South Africa has been expanding dramatically, growing from 10 MW installed in 2011 to 1980 MW past financial close in 2015, with about a third commercially operational, a third approaching commissioning and a third about to commence construction. Growth is strong, with projections of 6,000 MW installed by end of 2020. At present, the wind sector is already about USD 4.2 billion strong in the country. 

Projects are generally large (> 100 MW). The wind resource is excellent with successful projects achieving capacity factors above 35%, and sometimes above 40%. Electricity is procured by the national utility (Eskom) in terms of a 20 year PPA, under-written by government. The procurement process is competitive tender/kWh (70% of scoring top price) and best performance on socio-economic and enterprise development in communities around wind farms (30% of scoring)   

International companies have been very successful in various parts of the supply chain (turbine suppliers, developers, utilities, other). 

Important enablers for international companies are:

• A thorough understanding of the regulatory regime generally and procurement framework  specifically

• An understanding and acceptance of the paradigm around the upliftment of previously disadvantaged  South Africans

• Competent people on the ground, with an understanding of local conditions

• Partnership and collaborations with local role players 

• An understanding of the bottle necks that have to be negotiated in the medium and long term (grid access, financial feasibility of Eskom, managing high penetrations of RE into the grid, other)

The webcast will contextualise and detail these issues and provide thoughts on how best to navigate the challenges.


Solar + Storage: Capturing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

June 30, 2015

The convergence of solar and energy storage applications is under way. The combined application of solar generation and energy storage can provide multiple benefits to many system stakeholders. Across the globe, DNV GL is leading the way in supporting client success with Solar + Storage opportunities.

As a result of attending this webinar, project developers, independent power producers, financiers, utilities and manufacturers will gain greater understanding of the combined benefits of solar and storage applications and what is required for successful implementation. This will include the importance of testing and bankability, standards and safety.


Storage Enters the Global Stage: What’s the value proposition for your region?

June 24, 2015

For electricity storage, the events of the last two years have shown that the skepticism around the technology is rapidly evaporating as the storage transitions to a state of deployment. Definitive niches for storage are emerging around Ancillary Services, Renewables Integration, Distribution, and end use applications. However, if you’re planning to adopt or deploy storage, the market can appear to be seemingly everywhere -- but nowhere at the same time.

The answer lies in the pace at which storage opportunities and markets are developing across various regions. DNV GL operates on a global scale with Storage experts in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In this webinar, our experts will help you understand value propositions for storage, while drawing on evidence from current operational energy storage projects across the global marketplace.


Doing Business in Brazil – in partnership with GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council

June 1, 2015

Brazil is one of the most promising markets for wind energy.  Ranked 10th globally in terms of installed wind capacity, Brazil built 95 new wind farms in 2014, totalling 2.5 GW, which brought total installed capacity to 5.9 GW. 

On the basis of existing contracts, the Brazilian wind sector is expected to install another 12-13 GW over the next 5 years and, with four auctions planned during 2015 that number could rise substantially. Recent water shortage which has lowered Brazil’s hydropower production has meant growing need for wind power in order to enhance the country’s energy security. This all fits well with the Brazilian government’s Decennial Energy Plan which sets a goal for wind power to reach nearly 12% of national generation capacity by 2023.

However, despite the great progress made in the sector, some barriers still remain. The rapid growth involves certain challenges in terms of maintaining a healthy supply chain, and the increase of local content of its products to meet the new financing rules under the FINAME program.  Another challenge, overcome by the sector, refers to the gap between the work schedules of the connection and the wind farms. However, the auctions for transmission lines seems to have resolved the issue, with few wind projects remaining unconnected today.

In recent years Brazil has been gaining attention in the international scene and is rated as one of the most attractive countries to invest in the renewable energy sector. The future of wind power in Brazil is very promising with projections for contracted power to 2019 as high as 17GW of installed capacity, with governmental targets set at 22GW by 2023.


Using Grid data analytics to protect revenue, reduce network losses and improve efficiency

April 28, 2015 register:WEBCAST

Global Wind Power Outlook for 2015 and Beyond

April 21, 2015

A webinar jointly organized by GWEC and Renewable Energy World on 21 April 2015 at 3 PM CET will present key highlights from GWEC’s fresh out of print Global Wind Report which features insights into the most important wind markets around world, as well as projections out to 2019 along with an overview of the current status of global offshore market. Participants can hear about the up and coming new and emerging wind markets and get their questions answered by Steve Sawyer, CEO of GWEC.


Doing Business in Turkey – in partnership with GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council

January 13, 2015

The webinar will aim to highlight the opportunities for wind power development in Turkey. Participants can hear about the challenges faced by companies wanting to do business in Turkey and find out how to get around these challenges. Our expert speaker will be Mustafa Ataseven, President of the Turkish Wind Energy Association.



Volume 18, Issue 4


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