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Top 10 Clean Energy Trends Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution

Top 10 Clean Energy Trends Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution

August 26, 2015

Listen Up: Solar Advice from Pat Redgate at Ameco Solar

The Energy Show on Renewable Energy World August 21, 2015 Technologies, companies and business models in the solar industry come and go. But even in the relatively new solar industry, history repeats itself. Disappearing tax credits and incentiv...

Six Observations about the US Solar Industry Mid-2015

Paula Mints August 20, 2015 In the U.S. mid-2015, deployment of solar technologies into all applications is at a pivotal point with several factors at play.   1.     The federal investment t...

Study Reveals Room for Sales Response Improvement in Growing Solar Industry

Scott Ankley August 19, 2015 Solar installations have grown by more than 600 percent across both residential and commercial properties in the past 9 years – a compound industry growth rate of 76 percent. But even wit...

Why Renewable Energy in Latin America is a Winner

Carlos Candiales August 19, 2015 Renewable energy in Latin America has made some important gains over the last decade and seems positioned to continue in a positive direction thanks to several factors including steady ga...

LG Chem: Storage Battery Leader

Debra Fiakas August 18, 2015 The post “Energy Storage Restart,” which was published last week, discussed the efforts by General Electric (GE: NYSE) to get back into the market for utility-scale energy storage.  ...

Sunrise in Pakistan as the Country Delves into Solar PV

Robert Harker August 12, 2015 Pakistan has joined the list of countries that are exploring solar power as a means to bridge critical energy generation shortfalls.  The tariff that has been announced is priced to ...

Why Smarter Grids Demand Smarter Communications Networks

Mark Madden August 12, 2015

Historically, utility networks and communications networks have had little in common.

The Importance of “Switching Costs” to the US Residential Solar Industry

Paula Mints August 11, 2015 The DoE and numerous organizations and governments globally are focused on driving down the cost of solar convinced that lower costs will drive higher deployment. The cost of manufacturin...

Can Utilities and Innovators Work Together at the Edge of the Grid?

Bryce Yonker August 7, 2015 Recent events and developments have me pondering a significant question regarding the future of our industry: can traditional utilities and companies innovating at the edge of the grid fi...


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