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Is the White House’s Solar Commitment on Target?

Kat Friedrich When the White House announced a multipronged solar commitment that benefits low-to-moderate-income communities, the decision did not take place in a vacuum. Although most news coverage h...

Solar is Driving America Toward Its Clean Energy Future

Rhone Resch Only exceeded by China, the United States is the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, with the largest source of emissions coming from electricity generation. America is&...

Value-of-Solar Study Proposed for Massachusetts

Kat Friedrich At a public event in Boston on June 11 called “Designing Solar’s Value: A Stakeholder’s Forum,” speakers outlined an ambitious proposal to shift the entire framewo...

SolarCity MyPower Review - Part 2

Chris Blevins In Part 2 we will peel back some more layers of the MyPower package by focusing on the financing. Make sure you have read about the product in Part 1 of the review if you haven&rsquo...

Should Utilities Own Energy Storage?

Seth Mullendore Energy storage is a difficult resource to pin down. When it’s charging, it can be an electrical load. When it’s discharging, it can be a generator. Energy storage can be a dem...

Harnessing Africa’s Renewable Energy Potential for Sustainable Development

Zev Rosenzweig Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, with a GDP growth averaging between 3.1 percent and 6.6 percent over the past ten years (African Economic Outlook 2014). Its pop...

SolarCity MyPower Review - Part 1

Chris Blevins Being one of the most popular loan packages in the solar market today, it’s remarkable that SolarCity’s MyPower option has not yet received a thorough industry review. The med...

Say Hello to the Grid

Todd Olinsky-Paul July 28, 2015 A new report from the National Surveys on Energy and Environment reveals that a majority of Americans (59%) responded “don’t know” when asked whether their state require...

States Spur Solarize Successes

Nate Hausman States have been using group purchasing and special marketing initiatives to bring down the cost of solar. A wide range of campaigns, each called Solarize, have been launched with leaders...

Fort Collins Residents Help City Reach Climate Targets While Saving on Electricity

July 28, 2015 Fort Collins resident Norman Illsley, 90, is making a statement. He purchased one 305-watt solar electric panel in the Riverside Community Solar Array, the first roofless solar&... Emily Hois - Clean Energy Collective


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Prevailing At A Premium

As efficiency sales professionals, we’re often faced with situatio...

LSX rises with sustainable wine making in Mexico

his custom LSX solar canopy shades the upper deck organic gard...

Do Your Goals Match Your Values?

Before you set goals for your company or your personal work performance ...


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