Renewable Energy Videos

The German Offshore Wind Market is Huge

Jens Eckhoff with the Offshore Wind Foundation in Germany explains what's happening in that market right now. With 6GW under construction, offshore wind in Germany is booming.

ICONICS Wind AnalytiX® Improves Productivity through Situational Awareness

Jotham Kildea of ICONICS discusses the company's expertise in creating visualization environments that allow users to create an enterprise dashboard management layer for their systems. Geethike de Silva of ICONICS demonstrates how a user can visualize,...

Company Showcase: Maxwell Technologies

Maxwell Technologies and its full line of industry-leading ultracapacitors have been the preferred energy storage and power delivery solution in more than a million products, in applications ranging from automotive, heavy transportation, renewable energy,...

2014 Collegiate Wind Competition at WindPower 2014

Eize de Vries, Wind Technology Correspondent for, speaks with some of the teams at the Collegiate Wind Competition that was held at WindPower 2014 in Las Vegas.

How Are Ultra-capacitors Used in Wind Turbine Technology?

Eize de Vries, Wind Technology Correspondent, interviews Wolfgang Beez, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Maxwell Technologies, on their ultra-capacitors for wind turbines.

Modeling the Wind

Jennifer Runyon talked with Pascal Storck of 3Tier, now Vaisala, about how utilities are using modeling to predict power from wind farms.

Company Showcase: Hove

Thomas Cramer, Chief Sales Officer for Hove, discusses the company's products including their Easy Grease transportable automatic lubrication system as well as their latest development prototype, the Easy Grease Carrier.

What is Distributed Wind Power?

Distributed windpower could have an impact in some North American markets. Hear why and where in this interview with Aaron Lubowitz from Windpower 2014.

Will the North American Wind Market Stagnate after 2015?

Navigant Research analyst Jesse Broehl outlines why he feels the wind market will remain healthy after 2015.

What is Your Prediction for the North American Wind Power Market Post 2015?

We asked attendees at the recent Windpower 2014 what they think will happen to the U.S. wind market after the PTC runs out. Here's what they said.

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