Renewable Energy Videos

Utility Key Accounts Want Renewable Energy

Ryan Edge of SEPA discusss his report on how utility key accounts are demanding renewable energy, and how utilities should take advantage of this.

The Energy Storage Market Is Booming and Ready to Work with Solar

Executive director of the Energy Storage Association Matt Roberts discusses the blossoming energy storage market, its trials ahead, and how it will compliment the solar industry.

Advancements in the Inverter Market

Verena Arps of Advanced Energy discusses the different applications of central and string inverters and how utilities can take advantage of inverter data.

A Presentation on SEPA's Utility Market Data and Trends

Solar Electric Power Association Research Manager, Miriam Makhyoun presents the latest utility market data and trends report.

How Hawaiian Electric Is Planning for a Solar Future

Dora Nakafuji, director of renewable energy planning at the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO), reponds to the recent grid interconnection crisis on the island and how HECO is planning for a renewable future.

GM's Advanced Microgrid is a "Glimpse into the Future"

Rob Threlkeld, global manager of renewable energy with GM discussed his company's newest project, an advanced microgrid with solar, batteries and V2G technology

Understanding the Value of Solar with Julia Hamm

Solar Electric Power Association President and CEO Julia Hamm explains how SEPA helps facilitate discussions with utilities in which the value of solar is determined. It's a complicated set of equations.

How to Optimize Commercial Solar PV Design

Paul Grana founder of the newly launched Folsom Labs, explains how PV system designers can optimize their arrays and talks about the pitfalls to avoid.

Community Solar Opportunities and Challenges

Jamie Resor, CEO of groSolar, explains why demand for community solar is growing.

Are Solar PV Credentialing Standards Too High?

Jane Weissman of IREC discusses the importance of solar credentialing to create a sustainable clean energy workforce.

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