Renewable Energy Videos

The State of Geothermal: Policy, Technology, Development

Karl Gawell, executive director of the Geothermal Energy Association, explains what's happening in Washington during the election season, what the geothermal project pipeline looks like, and how new technologies can enhance development.

Should Geothermal Development Focus Outside the US?

Halley Dickey of TAS Energy discusses the company's project development plans, how it is moving it's focus outside the U.S., what what the U.S. needs to establish a favorable growth market.

What Can Geothermal Learn from Other Industries?

Joe Lillard of Atlas Copco discusses where Atlas is currently seeing highest project development demand, major barriers to geothermal development and what practices the industry could adopt from the oil and gas industry.

From the Classroom to the Workforce: How the Geothermal Industry is Working to Educate Its Future

At the 2012 GEA Expo, many educational institutions were present to promote geothermal energy programs. REW visited several of these booths to discover what these insitutions had to offer and what job prospects look like.

Forward Thinking: How Can the Geothermal Industry Flourish?

Steve Ponder, interim executive director of the Geothermal Resources Council, discusses the GRC initiative to educate, how the industry can move forward, and his "Big Tent" philosophy.

Big Prospects: What Does the Geothermal Job Market Look Like?

Wendy Calvin of the National Geothermal Academy gives an update on the intensive 8-week summer programs' success, and graduate students Tyler Kent and Jonathan Payne discuss what they are working on in their Master's program and job prospects.

Geothermal Hot Spots: Where Are the Up and Coming Areas for Development?

Paul Thomsen of ORMAT discusses areas in and outside the U.S. that look like prime spots for new geothermal development, and if the U.S. can survive without incentives and what that means for new technologies.

Growing Demand for Geothermal Plant Operators

Norma Velasquez of Truckee Meadows Community College describes the rising demand for geothermal plant operators and the college's new certificate program that is working to fill the need.

What Are the Advantages of a Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering?

Spencer Jones and Andrew Zvibleman explain the innovative renwable energy engineering program offered at the Oregon Institute of Technology, its advantages over a typical engineering or certificate program, and what job prospects look like.

Center for Geothermal Studies Links US Industry to an International Landscape

Dr. Fred Aminzadeh and student Tayed tafti discuss the University of Southern California's masters program in geothermal and how its center for geothermal studies is working to advance geothermal innovations globally.

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