Renewable Energy Videos

Karl Gawell Gives An Overview of the Geothermal Market

Meg Cichon talks with Karl Gawell at Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo, North America. The industry will have some good news in 2013.

How Do You Know if Your Solar Panel Manufacturer Will Be Around in 20 Years?

At REWNA in Orlando, Jennifer Runyon talked with Jenya Medbray of PV Evolution Labs about solar manufacturer accountability and quality control. Medbray believes the industry needs to implement more quality safeguards to inspire investor confidence.

Covanta Waste-to-Energy Technical Tour

Lindsay Morris talks with Tom DeMaio of Covanta about the company's waste-to-energy facility in Long Beach, California. Using waste to create energy is a technology that is expected to grow in North America over the next decade.

Leadership in Policy Winner: Jane Weissman

Here's a quick look at the life and career of Jane Weissman, winner of our Leadership in Policy award in our 2012 Excellence in Renewable Energy Awards Program.

Leadership in Technology Winner: Dr. Lawrence Jones

Here's a quick look at the work of Lawrence Jones, winner of our Leadership in Technology award in our 2012 Excellence in Renewable Energy Awards Program.

Developing Solar on Public Lands - Policy Overview

Lindsay Morris of Power Engineering and Michael Weller, an attorney with Bracewell and Giuliani discuss the latest programmatic environmental impact statement regarding developing renewable energy on public lands.

Jane Weissman Accepts Leadership in Policy Award

Jane Weissman, Exective Director of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), was awarded the Leadership in Policy Award as part of Renewable Energy World's Excellence in Renewable Energy 2012 Awards Program. Listen to her acceptance speech here...

Dr. Lawrence E. Jones Accepts Leadership in Technology Award

Dr. Lawrence E. Jones is the recipient of the 2012 Excellence in Renewable Energy Award for Leadership in Technology. He led an international grid integration study that will help utilities learn how to use renewables in the grid.

Leadership in Technology Winner Dr. Lawrence Jones Discusses Career

This year's Excellence in Renewable Energy Award Winner for Leadership in Technology, Dr. Lawrence Jones, talks about his work on grid intergration of renewable energy.

Halley Dickey of TAS Energy and Ellen Allman of Terra-Gen Power Accept Project of the Year Award for Geothermal

The Geothermal Project of the Year Excellence in Renewable Energy Award Winner's acceptance speech.

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