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Letter from the Editor: How We Evaluate Projects of the Year

Ever wondered how PennWell editors select award-winning projects? This video offers more details about what we look for when we evaluate potential Projects of the Year.

Ashlu Creek Hydro Plant - Fish Enhancement Channels

Innergex VP Matt Kennedy shows a small portion of the more than 58,000 square metres of fish spawning habitat that the company created just downstream of the Ashlu Creek powerhouse. Each fall, thousands of salmon spawn in the pools and ponds.

Ashlu Creek Hydro Plant - Turbine and Generator

The force of falling water spins one of three turbines in the Ashlu powerhouse, which transfers energy via this axle directly to an adjacent generator.

Ashlu Creek Hydro Plant - Fish Ladder

This fish ladder allows trout to bypass the weir that creates the plant's headpond, and continue swimming upstream.

Ashlu Creek Hydro Plant - Minimum Instream Flow Valve

Innergex's Matt Kennedy shows the Ashlu Creek Hydro Project's minimum instream flow valve, which ensures at least 2.42 cubic meters per second of water continue downstream past the plant intake at all times.

Select Soundbites from the EPA Carbon Rule Announcement June 2, 2014

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announces new EPA Carbon regulations. States will now work to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

The Balanced Generation Portfolio: Holy Grail or Red Herring?

Find out what speakers and attendees had to say after a megasession on what makes the ideal energy portfolio for utilities at the 2013 Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo.

Xiangjiaba Wins 2013 Hydro Project of the Year Award

Debbie Mursch of Alstom discusses the details of why the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant in China won the 2013 Hydro Project of the Year Award.

Hydro as a Storage Asset

Vibhu Kaushik of Southern California Edison participated on a panel discussion at Renewable Energy World North America Conference. Jennifer Runyon caught up with him after the panel to ask a few questions on the topic.

Hydro Project of the Year: Chacayes Hydroelectric Station

Take a look at the winner and runnerup of the Hydro Project of the Year Award the Chacayes Hydroelectric Station and the Jordan Hydroelectric Project from our 2012 PGI-REWNA Project of the Year Awards.

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