Renewable Energy Videos

Making a Solar Power Project Pay

Originally published July 17, 2011 -- Ben Compton, chief operating officer for Meteocontrol's North American operation, drops by to discuss what project developers and owners look for in assessing and monitoring the performance of a solar power project...

The Places Flexible Thin Films Can Go

Jean-Noel Poirier, senior vice president of business development at Global Solar, describes where flexible CIGS thin films -- instead of silicon solar panels -- can be the optimal choice.

Company Showcase Video: Konica Minolta

Bryan Bond, Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta, describes the company's solar measuring devices, including its spectroradiometer.

The Engine Behind Every Solar Panel

Louis Lalonde, vice president of worldwide marketing at Enecsys, explains the appeal of microinverters and challenges for broadening their use beyond residential and light commercial solar systems.

Chemical Dependence: Polymer Barriers Protect Solar Cells from Environmental Harm

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions' Maria Boulden, global sales manager, and Monica Tisack, global business development manager, outline the important roles encapsulants and barrier films play in guaranteeing a long life for solar panels.

Company Showcase Video: SolFocus

Nancy Hartsoch, Vice President of Marketing for SolFocus, discusses the low CPV deployment time associated with the SF-1136SX.

Project Finance Roundtable: What Can We Expect?

Eli Katz, Law Partner at Chadbourne & Park, Bill Bush, CFO at Borrego Solar and Hank Lee, VP at East West Bank sit with Meg Cichon to discuss the current project finance market and what to expect in the future.

Social Media and Web Innovation in Solar Industry

Social media and web platforms are a growing industry that is taking business model innovation by storm – and the solar world has taken notice.

Future of U.S.-based Solar Manufacturing

Industry experts and business leaders weigh in on what they see as the future of American solar manufacturing.

Lowering Cost Per Watt with Edwards

Mike Allison, Edwards, describes the technical challenges that photovoltaics manufacturers face, including pushing costs down and throughput up.

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