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Letter from the Editor: How We Evaluate Projects of the Year

Ever wondered how PennWell editors select award-winning projects? This video offers more details about what we look for when we evaluate potential Projects of the Year.

Select Soundbites from the EPA Carbon Rule Announcement June 2, 2014

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announces new EPA Carbon regulations. States will now work to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

The Balanced Generation Portfolio: Holy Grail or Red Herring?

Find out what speakers and attendees had to say after a megasession on what makes the ideal energy portfolio for utilities at the 2013 Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo.

Back to Basics Video: What Is Geothermal Energy Anyway?

This is a great video that describes how geothermal energy is created deep down in the earth, how it is harvested, and where in the world, the resource can be tapped.

Karl Gawell Gives An Overview of the Geothermal Market

Meg Cichon talks with Karl Gawell at Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo, North America. The industry will have some good news in 2013.

Geothermal Project of the Year: Hudson Ranch I

Take a look at the winner and runnerup of the Geothermal Project of the Year Award Hudson Ranch I and PMU Dominica from our 2012 PGI-REWNA Project of the Year Awards.

The State of Geothermal: Policy, Technology, Development

Karl Gawell, executive director of the Geothermal Energy Association, explains what's happening in Washington during the election season, what the geothermal project pipeline looks like, and how new technologies can enhance development.

Should Geothermal Development Focus Outside the US?

Halley Dickey of TAS Energy discusses the company's project development plans, how it is moving it's focus outside the U.S., what what the U.S. needs to establish a favorable growth market.

What Can Geothermal Learn from Other Industries?

Joe Lillard of Atlas Copco discusses where Atlas is currently seeing highest project development demand, major barriers to geothermal development and what practices the industry could adopt from the oil and gas industry.

From the Classroom to the Workforce: How the Geothermal Industry is Working to Educate Its Future

At the 2012 GEA Expo, many educational institutions were present to promote geothermal energy programs. REW visited several of these booths to discover what these insitutions had to offer and what job prospects look like.

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