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Letter from Editor: Energy Storage Offers Flexibilities To the Power Industry

When we consider the rapid rise of energy storage that we are witnessing all across the globe, it is key that we remember all of the reasons that this technology is and/or will be a key component in the grid of the future.

The Balanced Generation Portfolio: Holy Grail or Red Herring?

Find out what speakers and attendees had to say after a megasession on what makes the ideal energy portfolio for utilities at the 2013 Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo.

Algae's Value Proposation to the Power Industry

Todd Taylor, partner in law firm Fredrickson and Byron discuss how the power industry can sell carbon to algae facilities thereby turning a liability into a revenue stream.

Sacramento BioDigester Wins 2013 Bioenergy Project of the Year Award

Michele Wong of CleanWorld describes why the Sacramento BioDigester won the 2013 Bioenergy Project of the Year Award.

Renewable Energy Optimization in the Heart of Coal Country

Sustainable Williamson strives to show the development of a diversified renewable energy economy going on in Williamson, WV, and use it as a testament or example to inspire other communities throughout central Appalachia, coal country and the nation.

Heat Is Power, A New Waste Heat Industry Organization is Taking Shape

Representing the new Heat is Power Association, Kelsey Southerland of TAS Energy talks with Jennifer Runyon at Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo North America.

Sweage: Flush Full of Heat

Genevieve Tokgoz of Metro Vancouver discusses the policy implications of using sewage for district heating and cooling.

Bioenergy Project of the Year: Nacogdoches Generating Facility

Take a look at the winner and runnerup of the Bioenergy Project of the Year Award Nacogdoches Generating Facility and Nocton Fen Farm from our 2012 PGI-REWNA Project of the Year Awards.

Plant Protein Discovery May Boost Biofuel Production

Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and Iowa State University discovered a family of plant proteins that play a role in the production of seed oils, substances important for animal and human nutrition, biorenewable chemicals and biofuels...

Will Renewable Energy Play a Vital Role During Election Season?

Donnie Fowler, Lori Weigel and Dave Metz discuss the ongoing election season, the state of politics and how renewable energy could figure prominently in the months ahead.

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