Renewable Energy Videos

University of Louisiana at Lafayette's BeauSoleil Home

BeauSoleil's north-south orientation takes advantage of local breezes. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide ventilation and natural light, and louvered shutters and structural insulated panels reinforce the house against hurricane-force winds.

Team Spain's Black & White House

A modern style home featuring a solar-tracking top roof that may be the first of its kind (The university has filed for a patent on the ball-and-socket, central-pivot system that makes it possible.) It was also designed to be easily transportable.

Team North's North House

Designed to be used in northern latitudes, this team employed both rooftop PV panels and vertically mounted panels on the south, east, and west sides to make use of low-angle sun for much of the year in Canada.

Cornell University's Silo House

Described as agricultural/industrial in style, the exterior of the home is covered with COR-TEN, a corrugated, steel cladding that loses its original sheen as the outer layer oxidizes to a weather-proof ruddy coating.

Team California's Refract House

Take a look insidethe Refract House, a California style home featuring a bent design to take advantage of south-facing vistas. This house includes a cutting-edge, solar thermal absorption chiller supplying radiant cooling panels.

Team Germany's surPLUShome

The defending champions designed and built a two-story, cube-shaped building with PV panels on the roof and sides and a single multifunctional living area on the inside. The home features a surface area that is almost totally covered with PV panels/

Rice University's ZEROW HOUSE

A Shotgun style home that the team will give to Project Row Houses, a local community development organization. The team's goal is to build a practical house that demonstrates affordability and energy efficiency using readily available technologies.

Solar Decathlon 2009: Home Showcase

A look at the technologies, designs and people behind some of the homes competing in the U.S. Department of Energy's 2009 Solar Decathlon. The event brought 20 teamsfrom around the world together to see who's solar-powered home would rise to the top.

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