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Despite Good Intentions, Is the US Exporting Global Warming?

Some experts say yes, even though the U.S. is using less coal, it is exporting so much of it that global warming concerns persist.

Lowering Solar Installation Costs with "Groovier" Racking

Barry Cinnamon of Spice Solar talks about how to reduce solar soft costs through innovations in racking.

Inverters Are Getting Smarter and Smarter

Teff Reed of Enphase explains some of the advancements that he's seeing in the inverter industry to Charles Thurston during Intersolar North America 2014.

Alcatraz Now Boasts an Award-Winning Microgrid

Princeton Power Systems Chief Strategy Officer Darren Hammell explains the new microgrid on the island of Alcatraz. The project won an award at the recent Intersolar conference in San Francisco.

The Solar Industry Continues to Expand

The founder of Intersolar, Markus Elasser, talks with Charles Thurston about this years' show in San Francisco. He reviews some of the highlights and offers a sneak peak about how the show might expand in the future.

California Governor Jerry Brown Welcomes the Solar Industry to California

During the Intersolar 2014 opening ceremony, California Governor Jerry Brown discussed how the solar industry has impacted his state.

REC Group's "Tariff-free" Solar Panel Is in Great Demand

Arndt Lutz of SVP of North American sales for of REC Group explains how the company's panels are manufactured and discusses the new supply agreement that REC Group just finalized with SolarCity.

The Building Blocks of Solar Cell Efficiency

Learn how the efficiency of a solar cell can increase year over year. What goes into that process? How do manufacturers ensure they are on the right track? Charlie Thurston talks with Andreas Liebheit of Heraeus about this and more.

How Do Australian Solar Installers Measure Up?

Charles Thurston talks to Koben Calhoun from the Rocky Mountain Institute about solar soft costs, particularly those around installation. Calhoun also offers tips for how installers can streamline their work.

How California is a Solar "Hedge Fund"

CalSEIA Executive Director Bernadette del Chiaro explains her priorities for solar in the state, including uncapped net-metering and streamlined solar permitting across all 500 jurisdictions.

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