Will Power Optimizers Reduce BOS?

Gil Miller from Azuray Technologies talks with Jennifer Runyon about reducing balance of systems costs and explains the role that MPPT will play in doing that.


Greg Kindy
July 27, 2011
It's a convergence of green: WHY NOT embed the optimizer in
the J box? It's current "best practice" seems to me. Having
a separate power optimizer & J box (as larry has said) just
results in more cabling & connectors, unnecessarily.

So more $$$ for labor.( Azuray's AP300 should work nicely on some Existing Building / Small Commercial apps. )

But then it's best to optimize EVERYTHING: optimize the
daylighting w/ loE glass, optimize the HVAC w/ the right
fan motors, etc.. I like Azuray's focus on optimizing BoS.

Converge & integrate the parts together. That's efficient,
that's green. Good video.
lawrence elliott
July 27, 2011
As a design engineer and solar integrator, if these companies continue the foolishness of not making the optimizer part of the J box (using a docking method that allows use of module with no optimizer)I will not be a customer. Why would I want to add even more cabling and zip ties to modules that already refuse to ship with a more sensible J box with a bulkhead MC connector rather than silly cables.

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