SolarEdge Showcase

Lior Handelsman, VP of Product Strategy & Business Development and Founder of SolarEdge talks about the company's unique MPPT technologies as well as the company's mission.


Martin Voelker
November 2, 2009
I talked to Amir Fishelov from Solaredge at SPI, and read the white papers. I'm convinced they are on the right track. The practical disadvantages of a central inverter are unsurmountable and result in serious losses. Putting the tracker with each modules solves that. Partial/temporary shading and underutilization of roof space is a reality. In my neighborhood I see if every day. It's unforgivable that an entire string should shut down or tank due to partial shading. Amir also told me that their power box/MPPT is much less affected by heat than a microinverter (which I'm convinced will succumb to heat within years). If that holds true they've got it solved.

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