Paula Mints on Solyndra

Mints asserts that Solyndra was a small mistake in a big industry. She also shares details of her panel at Solar Power International.


October 21, 2011
Right on! "Let's move on" and "much ado about nothing" really show a lack of appreciation of the mood of the country, and a fundamental contempt for the solar industry as a whole. Not only was the administration the crux of this whole scandal, it has painted the entire renewable industry (because of government grants and guarantees) with the same brush. The proper response for "leaders" of the industry should be to disavow these types of business practices, and call for industry observers to "out" the behaviors of even applying for federal monies when the technology/business plan is a scam.

And, if Solyandra was "0.2778% of the global market", why, that means the solar industry should have a market value of more than 64,000,000,000,000! I think that's 64 trillion! Wow! What a wonderful industry! It, too must be "too big to fail", and must be "entitled to Federal bail outs"!
Tim Gard
October 21, 2011
Gawd. A small mistake?? That was all I needed to read. Un******believeable!! Just how much cash does it take for you to call it a 'big mistake'?? Or even a medium sized mistake? Or is it because it was tax collected dollars it must have no value. Anyone and I mean anyone who is in bed with political people are probably thieves. Wind, solar, nuclear, oil, geothermal, whatever. If you sleep with dogs you will get fleas. The disease is our US Government people, not the science! And definitly not the country! How long is it going to take you clowns to see that fer crying out loud ... Its time to tear down the US Government and start over.

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