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So Much Renewable Energy News, So Little Time

The November/December Letter from the Editor highlights how quickly the clean energy industry is growing.

Researchers Developing Affordable Flow Battery

Researchers at Grand Valley State University and Vinazene have partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a new type of flow battery technology that will allow the capture, collection and storage of energy through organic compounds.

Renewable Energy Is Driving the Energy Transition: REWNA Recap Video

Power-Gen International is the largest show for the traditional power generation industry, hosting more than 1400 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors in December each year. What were the hot topics in 2014? Renewables. Watch the video for more.

Wind Velocity Patterns

Customized automation LabTalk script animates 3D plots that show the evolution of wind-speed patterns over time.

Flying Green: The First International Commercial Flight Using Biofuel

Last summer history was made when the first international flight using biofuel hit the airspace. The GOL flight from Miami to San Paulo used a 10 percent blend of a new fuel developed by Amyris and Total. Watch the video for the whole story.

Nigeria's Waste-To-Energy Pilot Power Plant

A unique program in Nigeria, a country located on the southwest coast of Africa by the Gulf of Guinea, seeks to solve two pressing problems with just one solution.

Despite Good Intentions, Is the US Exporting Global Warming?

Some experts say yes, even though the U.S. is using less coal, it is exporting so much of it that global warming concerns persist.

Lowering Solar Installation Costs with "Groovier" Racking

Barry Cinnamon of Spice Solar talks about how to reduce solar soft costs through innovations in racking.

Inverters Are Getting Smarter and Smarter

Teff Reed of Enphase explains some of the advancements that he's seeing in the inverter industry to Charles Thurston during Intersolar North America 2014.

Alcatraz Now Boasts an Award-Winning Microgrid

Princeton Power Systems Chief Strategy Officer Darren Hammell explains the new microgrid on the island of Alcatraz. The project won an award at the recent Intersolar conference in San Francisco.

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