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- April 21, 2015

Azerbaijan Focuses on Alternative Energy Development to Increase Fossil Fuel Exports

Azerbaijan in coming years will focus on the development of renewable energy, as it will let the country to boost oil and gas exports, according to the deputy head of the Agency for...

- March 03, 2015

Kyrgyzstan Fights Energy Crisis with Run-of-River Hydropower

Kyrgyzstan will construct several dozen small hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) in different regions of the country within the next several of years, which will help the government...

- June 30, 2014

Russia Intends to Develop Renewable Energy in Crimea

Following recent reports that the Ukraine government intends to boost renewable energy in order to decrease its dependence from Russian gas, the government of the Russian Federation...

- April 21, 2014

Renewable Energy May Help Ukraine Abandon Russian Gas

Despite political instability and economical problems, Ukraine is pursuing the development of renewable energy in order to reduce dependence on gas supplies and economic pressures from...

- March 10, 2014

Russia and Japan Collaborate on Wind Energy Innovation in the Far East

WINPRO Company of Japan and scientists from the Far East Federal University (FEFU) of Russia started an initiative to create new types of wind power plants adapted to work at low temperatures...

- August 01, 2013

Azerbaijan Aims to Boost Output of Renewable Energy

By 2020 the Azerbaijan government plans to increase its share of renewable energy sources to 9.7 percent of its total energy consumption, which is three times higher than today's rates....

- July 02, 2013

Renewable Resources Will Help Armenia Avoid Energy Crisis

Armenia is set to develop its renewable energy resources in the coming years, announced its deputy minister of energy and natural resources Areg Galstyan. It will set its focus mainly...

Vladislav Vorotnikov

Vladislav Vorotnikov

Vladislav Vorotnikov is the Russian journalist and expert in the area of the Renewable Energy. He is working in this area since 2004, firstly with the number of Russian magazines including “Renewable Energy Sources” and than with the European...

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