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Travis Lowder's Articles

- February 13, 2014

New Report Navigates Solar Securitization

The U.S. solar industry is an $11.5 billion market with over 360,000 systems in place. Since 2008, solar capacity additions have exhibited a compound annual growth rate of over 50 percent,...

- October 11, 2013

Can Securitization Debt Fit with Tax Equity in the Solar Financial Landscape? Part 2

Part one of this series examined the problem of incorporating securitization debt into a financial structure with its highly sensitive tax attributes — that is, how the legal structure...

- October 10, 2013

Can Securitization Debt Fit with Tax Equity in the Solar Financial Landscape? Part 1

Renewable energy finance is complicated — so is securitization. Fitting them together calls for some clever financial and legal engineering. This article is the first in a two-part...

- September 13, 2013

Updates from the Solar Access to Public Capital Working Group

Back in November 2012, the NREL finance team convened its first assembly of the Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) working group. The purpose was to bring together leaders from the...

- April 03, 2013

Risk and Finance in the PV Industry

Emerging from the 2008 financial crisis with new incentives, innovative business models, and rapidly declining costs, photovoltaics (PV) have gone on to achieve installation at rates...

- December 19, 2012

To Insure or Not to Insure: PV's New Fangled Warranty Insurance Option

It is no secret that the last couple years have been rough for PV manufacturers globally. Panel makers have had to contend with compressed profit margins and an oversaturated market,...

- December 18, 2012

Drilling for Dollars: Notable Developments in Geothermal Finance

Geothermal capacity additions are on track to top 100 MW in 2012, making this year one of the best for geothermal deployment in the last decade. This could be a tentative sign that...

- August 30, 2012

Document Standardization: It's Not Just for Pencil Pushers Anymore

The U.S. renewable energy industries are persistently on the hunt for means of cutting down the cost of delivered energy. For example, in the case of solar, module costs have historically...

- August 22, 2012

Should Renewable Energy Be Afraid of Basel III Banking Standards?

The Basel III Accords, the latest set of international banking standards from the Basel Committee on Banking and Supervision, are set to take effect in just a few short months. This...

- May 30, 2012

Can the Weather Provide Insurance for the Wind and Solar Industries?

The wind and solar industries are continuing to mature, stakeholders are getting savvier about the risks and rewards inherent to these markets, and more capital is being invested to...

Travis Lowder

Travis Lowder

Travis Lowder is an Energy Analyst with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Project Finance Team. His research encompasses the U.S. renewable energy project finance market and financial policy, PV project risk management, PV asset...

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