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- January 02, 2014

Myanmar's Struggle to Fix Its Failing Energy System and Embrace Renewables

Three years after Myanmar’s transition to civilian leadership led to the end of trade embargoes and a rapid embrace of technology, the country still labors under a barely functioning...

- June 18, 2013

Renewable Energy in Myanmar: Not Just Clean, It’s Necessary

Myanmar is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and a youthful workforce, but with many of its people living in extreme poverty, the newly opening economy is attracting the...

- December 21, 2012

NSP and DelSolar Merger is Good for the Taiwanese Solar Cell Industry

The merger between two of Taiwan's leading solar cell makers NSP and DelSolar is not just a good move for the two firms but also a positive sign that consolidation is finally happening...

- November 20, 2012

The Future of Taiwan Solar: Will Recent Gains Continue?

In a welcome departure from recent trends, Taiwan's solar industry saw revenues rise by 7.5% on increased shipments to China, Japan and the U.S. Wafer makers were up 52%, but the much...

- November 13, 2012

Capacity Control: How Will China and Taiwan Solar Manufacturers Survive Post-Tariffs?

Overcapacity is the biggest issue facing the global solar manufacturing industry, and nowhere is the issue more apparent — and the losses deeper — than in China and Taiwan. Together...

- May 23, 2012

Could Taiwan be the Next Big Solar Manufacturing Hub?

Whether the U.S. DOCs ruling recommending 31% tariffs on Chinese solar cells will have a positive impact on Taiwan's solar cell industry, Maxim Group's Aaron Chew responds confidently,...

Tim Ferry

Tim Ferry

Tim Ferry is a freelance journalist based in Taipei, Taiwan, where he focuses on business, green technology and environmental issues. Educated in philosophy and anthropology at Purchase College, the SUNY, Tim has lived in Taiwan since 2002....

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