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- September 04, 2014

Heating a beach or the important role of geothermal heating in Iceland

Geothermal heating and direct use of geothermal heat play a tremendously important role for Iceland, with many innovative industrial applications. District heating is Iceland’s best...

- August 06, 2014

Value creation from geothermal fluids beyond batteries for Tesla

With news on new battery manufacturing facilities, or the so called Gigafactory, planned by U.S. based electric car maker Tesla, has been making news lately. One fact that is mentioned...

- July 01, 2014

Excess Water from Iceland Geothermal Plant Source of Thriving Spa Business

“Why would you build a power plant so close to such a great spa facility?” This is frequently the first question people ask when visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.  This is a valid question,...

- January 28, 2011

Uncertainty in Iceland's Geothermal Market

Earlier this week, Iceland’s minister for Industry, Katrin Juliusdottir, made it clear that the government of Iceland would not seize HS Orka back from Magma Energy, following misleading...

Alexander Richter

Alexander Richter

Alexander Richter is Founder and Principal of ThinkGeoEnergy, a geothermal focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities. The firm also operates the leading news service...

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