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July 05, 2013

British Prime Minister Opens World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

The PM's statement that "when it comes to clean energy, the UK has one of the clearest investment climates globallyā€¯ stands in contrast to findings by the International Energy Agency and other high-level groups that the UK's lack of policy clarity on renewables has created much uncertainty and severely eroded investor confidence...

July 16, 2013

Wind Case Could Become a Lightning Rod for Escalating US-China Trade Tensions

Hi Ken,

My apologies - I seem to have mis-used a legal term here. I should probably have said "indictment" or "decision" rather than "verdict". I was using "verdict" in its colloquial sense, to mean a decision reached, rather than in its legal sense which implies that there has been a trial.


March 15, 2013

Energy and Netflix's 'House of Cards'

The portrayal of the energy industry seemed about as realistic as the portrayal of political issues in the series: generic and viewed rather distantly through the lens of Hollywood. Still, Kevin Spacey makes a great villain :)

January 28, 2013

Can Emerging Wind Markets Compensate for Stagnating European Growth?

Hi Jigar,

Interesting that you point to old plants needing to be retired. Justin Wu also predicts significant growth in the western European market for re-powering old plants and turbines.


January 31, 2013

Can Emerging Wind Markets Compensate for Stagnating European Growth?

Hi davidcarl,

Unfortunately our article titles are somewhat limited in terms of length :) Perhaps a more accurate title would have been "Can emerging Eastern European wind markets compensate for stagnating growth in Western Europe?", which would have made it clear that we're not talking about emerging wind markets such as, say, Brazil.

Again, as we are often space-limited, here I chose to focus in on two emerging markets: the nation with the most favourable policy framework (Romania) and one which is not in the EU (Ukraine). In REW magazine we regularly cover news from non-EU emerging markets worldwide.


March 02, 2012

The Big Question: What Can We Hope for in the Next 12 Months?

Hi Raina,

Thanks for the information on SEIA's #SolarChats. This one is a valuable addition to our conversation here, and we'll make sure to check out future instances!

Also, while I'd like to take credit for this Big Question feature, in fact the author is David Appleyard, our Chief Editor; the article was mistakenly credited to me (and the error has now been fixed).


Tildy Bayar
Associate Editor
Renewable Energy World

September 13, 2011

Batteries for Energy Storage: New Developments Promise Grid Flexibility and Stability

"The author should draw the distinction between molten salt as a heat storage medium, using its high latent heat of fusion (as in the Archimede 5 mW solar farm), and molten salt batteries, where the salt is used as the electrolyte in a high temperature electrochemical battery. e.g sodium/sulphur battery. Very different methods of storing energy!"

geoffrey-gunning-39130, thanks very much for pointing this out. You're absolutely correct, of course, and my apologies for the ambiguity.

the author :)

Tildy Bayar

Tildy Bayar

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