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May 24, 2012

Five Shining Examples of Renewable Energy Innovation and Investment

What's great are the innovations coming out everyday. Just hope more people in power recognize these are the ways a safer and healthier world for future generations. Would love to have seen Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion make this list. OTEC creates an endless flow of clean power from the temperature difference in shallow and deep water. It's emission free, baseload, and proven to work today. But maybe most impressive, the only byproduct of an OTEC system is millions of gallons of clean drinking water.

Clean power and clean water, that's the kind of innovation that can change the world for generations to come.

Lots more on how OTEC works, and the people making it happen at The On Project.


May 16, 2012

Saudi Arabia Launches Massive Renewable Program with Hybrid FITs

Shouldn't this be a massive red flag to the entire world? The Saudis are going renewable... the people with more oil than anyone, a nation built entirely upon oil wealth, is finding ways to use less of it. This is the wake up call, fossil fuel prices are guaranteed to rise for the rest of human history. If you've got any ideas for how to cut oil and fossil fuel use, push them forward, because the entire world is going to desperate for some very soon.

Rather than wait for economic disaster, take a look at part of the solution. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, clean power created from the temperature difference in shallow and deep water. Plus, the only byproduct is clean drinking water. Let's hope we can push ideas like this forward before the Saudis do.

See how OTEC works, and the people making it happen around the world today at The On Project.


May 03, 2012

Scouring the Tropics for Thermal Energy


OTEC is poised to join the global renewable energy scale on many different levels, but your article leaves out the biggest OTEC news in the world. Another company already has deals in place to build the first commercial OTEC plants in the Bahamas...


There will be multiple OTEC power plants, and an OTEC sea water district cooling system at a massive resort to run the cleanest air conditioning system in the world today.

Forbes magazine did a write up last month on these OTEC developments...

I hope you'll give the sites a good look over, and maybe provide your readers with an OTEC update on these projects.

Thank you.

May 03, 2012

Renewable Energy Generation is Big Business in Kenya

Also love to see Kenya embrace their coastline as an endless renewable energy resource. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is just waiting to go to work using the natural temperature difference in shallow and deep ocean water to give Kenya emission free power, 24/7/365. Plus, the only byproduct of an OTEC system is millions of gallons of clean drinking water. Water the entire nation, can benefit from.

OTEC is the kind of technology that can dramatically improve the developing world, lots more info on how it works and the places pursuing it today at The ON Project.


March 16, 2012

Latin America Report: Brazil Planning Push for Solar Energy?

All that Brazilian coastline is just waiting to help in the nation's renewable energy future. The temperature difference in shallow and deep ocean water can produce base-load, emission free power, AND millions of gallons of clean drinking water to be turned into many different industries. It's called Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, and it's happening now in the Caribbean. Lots more news and info at The On Project.


March 13, 2012

Aloha, Clean Energy

Have to tip our cap to Hawaii for testing and proving Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) for about the last 30 years. Now other countries are taking advantage of the research and building commercial OTEC plants for themselves. Places like the Bahamas, who face the same energy dilemmas as Hawaii (i.e. massive costs to import fossil fuels) are seeing a change in the way people see the beautiful native oceans. They aren't just pretty in a picture, and drawing millions of visitors, but they are a truly clean source of power, and something the locals can really take pride in.

Lots more info on how the Bahamas and other countries are embracing OTEC at The On Project.

February 15, 2012

Ocean/Tidal/Stream Power: Identifying How Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices Affect Aquatic Environments

I wanted to make sure you were aware of some really exciting news from the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion world. The Bahamas is committed to building 2 commercial OTEC plants, and other nations, from different corners of the world are inspired to follow their lead. The countries in question are motivated by energy free from the painfully high prices and environmental impacts of fossil fuels, but also by the remarkable fact that OTEC's only byproduct is clean drinking water. OTEC is truly a technology we can be proud to pass on to future generations.

Here's more info on the Bahamas deal....

February 02, 2012

Operation Sustainability: U.S. Military Sets Ambitious Environmental Goals

Maybe not everyone likes where all of the DoD's money is spent, but if they're willing to spend a large chunk on renewables then we should all cheer. I say kudos to the DoD's efforts to prove less fossil fuel consumption makes us a safer, more secure nation. It's very easy to see we should not be pouring money into regions of the world that want to harm us just because we need the gas. If a greener military also makes us a cleaner, more self-sustaining energy nation, then we should all be on board.

There are other clean energy innovations the military can put to use to make some major fossil fuel cuts. Check out Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, creating endless clean power out of the temperature difference in shallow and deep water. It could be a real energy game changer for tropical installations. Lots more on OTEC, and how some countries are already putting it to use at The On Project.


January 06, 2012

Renewable Sources Continue Explosive Growth

Continued explosive growth is going to take continued explosive innovation. Traditional renewable sources are doing a good job, but hopefully 2012 will see some major growth in new forms of clean energy. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion made a lot of news in 2011, and it's starting the new year with a lot of momentum. OTEC creates 24/7 emission free power out of the temperature difference in shallow and deep ocean water. It's been proven for decades, and is now going commercial. The Bahamas are committed to building 2 OTEC plants, and other nations are following their lead. And while the clean energy is great, and runs on zero fossil fuels, OTEC plants really change the world with clean water production. Millions of gallons of clean water are produced at every OTEC plant.

Read more on the deal in the Bahamas, and the benefits of OTEC at the On Project.

December 21, 2011

Hydropower Outlook 2012: Continued Large-scale Development in North America

If we're looking as long term as 2035, you are leaving out a major growing "hydro" power source. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is on it's way to commercial reality. The Bahamas just committed to building 2 OTEC plants, other caribbean nations are lining up, and there is a buzz starting to grow about it being built on the African coast. It's base-load, emission free power, with clean drinking water as the only byproduct. Truly life-changing technology that will be a major player in the world's clean energy future.

More on that Bahamas deal here...

December 15, 2011

Policy Outlook 2012: Don't Expect Much From Washington

Why should we be surprised Washington is moving slow on renewables? In today's economic climate, they are scared to death of spending money anywhere that isn't a sure bet. So renewables will just grow without government assistance/interference.

Check out Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. It's on it's way to the caribbean for the first time ever commercially, and there is no government money, tax breaks, or even grand standing happening. It's an American Company growing renewable innovations all by themselves. That's how companies, and renewables will grow in the future.


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